Microsoft now conspiring with pro-Monsanto front group “NewsGuard” to censor all anti-GMO news on mobile devices

Microsoft has just unveiled its plans to partner up with NewsGuard, a “startup” company bent on censoring the world wide web, disguised as an app that helps users weed out “fake news.” Now, instead of being an app that users can choose to download, Microsoft will be incorporating the technology as an integrated feature of their mobile web browser, Edge. If you use your cellphone to surf the web, Edge might not be the best choice — unless you enjoy being spoon-fed leftist propaganda by a neocon corporation that is tied to Monsanto.

As if the blatant censorship of conservatives across social media wasn’t bad enough, Microsoft and NewsGuard are now conspiring to suppress all kinds of information, ranging from conservative news organizations to scientific literature exposing the dangers of GMOs.

Microsoft launches censorship software

As sources report, the censorship software NewsGuard will soon be a key element of Microsoft’s mobile web browser, Edge. Instead of having to download an app, users will simply have to click a button to enable the rating system. The system is described as a “green-red rating signal if a website is trying to get it right or instead has a hidden agenda or knowingly publishes falsehoods or propaganda.”

Under this system, a select few people are tasked with deciding what is true, and what is false. The people who run NewsGuard, who have elected themselves to be the arbiters of truth, now decide which news organizations are pushing a secret agenda, and which ones aren’t — at least, if you’re using Edge.

Microsoft’s integration ensures NewsGuard is present on every browser, and sources say that it is designed to be easier to use than to turn off. Critics also say that by incorporating NewsGuard as a special feature, Microsoft is essentially branding the software with their seal of approval — perhaps, in order to make the product seem more trustworthy.

According to reports, some of the news organizations NewsGuard rates as “green”or “reliable” include CNN, Buzzfeed, New York Times and the Washington Post, along with Vice News and Refinery 29.

Conversely, sites that are ranked “red,” or as purveyors of fake news, include Breitbart, Drudge Report and Daily Mail.

Steve Brill, a NewsGuard co-founder, told The Guardian that Daily Mail received a “fake news” rating purely because an associate at the Mail hung up on them.

“We spell out fairly clearly in the label exactly how many times we have attempted to contact them. The analyst that wrote this write-up got someone on the phone who, as soon he heard who she was and where she was calling from, hung up. We would love to hear if they have a complaint or if they change anything,” Brill stated.

Censoring truth at every corner

NewsGuard has no legal authority to actually question anyone — let alone label them as trustworthy or untrustworthy. Don’t want to play ball with the corrupt left-wing’s agenda? They’ll brand you with a scarlet letter anyways.

The censorship isn’t going to stop with political ideologies, either. Anyone who reports or publishes information that contradicts the scientific dogma overtaking society regarding vaccines, GMOs, geoengineering and other “high-stakes” topics is in danger of being flagged as “fake news.”

As Natural News writer S.D. Wells recently reported, one of NewsGuard’s co-founders and top investors, Gordon Crovitz, was also “the editor and contributor to books published by the Monsanto-front-group called American Enterprise Institute.”

Many of NewsGuard’s top investors and contributors have ties to the fake news media, the Clinton campaign, or other parts of the leftist deep state. This is a covert attempt at not only quashing free speech, but suppressing access to truth.

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